The Easy Access of Payday Loans

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Whether you are in a bind for extra, emergency money, or you are just in need of money before your next pay check arrives, it is comforting to know that there is an easy method of getting cash that does not involve equity in Fort Knox or a stellar set of credit report ratings. Even if you currently do not own a single credit card, it is very possible to get cash in your hands well before you see you next pay period. You can get your influx of money and have absolutely no credit card in hand and without ever having seen a credit card application. So, you say that you have a long history of bad debts, unpaid bills and that bankers laugh at you when you ask them if it is possible to get a loan from them. That is just fine and does not matter one bit when you seek out a online payday loans, because this form of loan is one of the easiest methods for securing instant cash.


How to Get a Payday Loan


Apply for a bank loan and you discover that first of all, the process requires a personal visit to the banking establishment. You’re never going to get a traditional bank loan with just an online visit. Then, there are long sets of lengthy forms to fill out. Sometimes it not only takes hours, but days to fill out the forms. You will be required to provide references, other examples of credit that indicate successful payments, along with a list of items of value that can be secured by the bank for collateral in order to get the loan. The approval process involves days to check your previous credit record. One of the national credit tracking agencies is hired by the bank where you are applying for the loan, which after several days of investigation, informs the bank of your complete credit history. This third-party credit validation often takes over a week to complete and it sometimes can involve several weeks of your precious time. If you need fast cash, you are simply out of luck. To make matters even worse, if you happen to possess a poor credit history, it is a guarantee that knocks you out of receiving the loan which you desire from the traditional bank.


But, when you apply for a payday loan, the form is short and sweet. Instead of taking hours to complete, a payday loan application can be finished in mere minutes. There is a minimum age. You need to be at least 18 years old. There is often a requirement that you are a citizen in the country where you are applying for a payday loan. You need to have valid, full-time employment. Usually pay stubs or a proof of income in the form of bank statements are sufficient to indicate a job to the payday loan business. Plus, there is usually a minimum income level. Most payday loan establishments require an income of at least $1,000 per month.


Other payday loan requirements might include a Social Security number, a driver’s license number, current home and work telephone numbers, a valid e-mail address, proof that your employment is full-time, or proof you have held a job for over 90 days. Some payday loan companies disqualify applicants who have recent records of bankruptcy, but this is not a common point in determining payday loan acceptability.


Payday loans are short term loans on your next paycheck. Without a hassle, you are given emergency cash with a promise made by you that you will pay back the amount that you are loaned by the payday loan business to them from your next pay check. Since they are simple and fast, payday loans are an increasingly popular method of obtaining fast cash when wallets and purses are drained of money.


Steps to Use When Considering Getting a Payday Loan


If you get into a situation where you require money that just does not exist, you should not feel guilty that you have failed in any manner. There are moments in almost everyone’s life when moths start flying out of checking accounts, instead of cold, hard cash. Unexpected emergencies, such as automotive breakdowns, unexpected sicknesses, or household breakdowns, such as a broken refrigerator or stove, can put a squeeze on your budget. And, there is always that last minute Christmas gift before December 25th that adds up to more money than originally planned. That is when payday loaners save the day.


The key is to determining a payday loan amount is to get a loan that matches your needs and that comes in below the amount of your next paycheck. A successful payday loan is one that you can pay back quickly. You should not try to get a payday loan if there will be insufficient funds in your bank account to pay for the loan when your next pay period comes around.


Your next step is to find a payday loan “store” in your community. If you live in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, or Arizona, you will not find a “brick and mortar” payday loan establishment, since payday loan businesses are illegal in these states. Any other U.S. state, Canadian province, all of the UK and throughout Australia have payday loan businesses.


Before you take out a payday loan, realize that they exist as a method to obtain a short-term loan that is secured against your next paycheck. Like any loan, they need to be paid back, along with the finance charge associated with them, which you are charged as a privilege for receiving the cash. Like most any “product” that you purchase, a payday loan is not free.


As mentioned above, applying for a payday loan is fast and very easy. Contrary to banking establishments that seldom give loans to customers with poor credit, payday loan businesses simply want to know that you have a full-time pay check. The reason for a simpler loan application is because payday loans are designed as a short-term emergency money option, not as a method of taking a customer out of a long-term financial difficulty. And, since a payday loan company needs to be able to get paid, it is no surprise that when you visit a local payday loan store, you will need to take your checkbook in order to write a post-dated check as part of the payment process.


Payday loan stores check very little, but it is a mistake to assume that a payday loan business only checks to see that you work at a full-time place of employment. Most payday loan companies will check to ensure your bank account is in good standing. If there is a record of overdrafts or a negative balance on your checking account, it might be hard to get a payday loan.


Giving out accurate information is essential when applying for a payday loan. A fast rejection is certain if your application is less than truthful. Even if you think that the truth might be the means to a payday loan rejection, accurate information is still very essential. The chances are high that correct information wins the day in the successful acquiring of any payday loan.


The Payday Loan Process That Gives You Cash


Once you are approved to receive your new payday loan, you will be asked to write a check dated on the precise day of your next pay period. You will write the check out for the amount of your loan, plus the finance fee charged by the payday loan business. Let’s say the payday loan business is loaning you $100. They might charge you a finance fee of $17.50 for that $100 loan. So, your check will be written for $117.50, which pays back the $100 and pays the payday loan store its $17.50 finance charge.


On the date of that check, or your next pay period, you are expected by the payday loan company to come back into the payday loan store and pay off your loan. Another option available to you is to rollover your loan on the date of your next pay period. If you elect the rollover option, the payday loan business charges you another finance fee. In the example outlined here, another $17.50 is tacked onto the $117.50 to give you a new total of $135. If you do not show up in person at the payday loan business, that loaner can put your predated check through for payment.


Some payday loan entities also allow incremental payment installments. An example involves paying back your payday loan over four pay periods, instead of in one lump sum at your next payday. Each payment installment gets a finance fee included with the payment. So, using the example above, four loan payments would increase your total bill by four times $17.50 or $70 for a grand total of $170, when you add the principal of $100 for the original payday loan.


Savings Bank Accounts Work, Too


It is not necessary to only possess a checking account when you get a payday loan. Savings accounts are equally as important as checking accounts in allowing you to get your payroll loan amount. Procedures for obtaining your payroll loan are the same with savings accounts as when checking accounts are used. Online payday loan entities can electronically credit money to your savings account. “Brick and mortar” payday establishments can take savings account withdrawal slips, just as they take checking account checks for the payment of the loan.


Online Payday Loans

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Similar to the fact that the modern technology of the Internet makes it easier to access businesses and perform everyday business transactions at a faster rate, online payday loan establishments exist to give customers quick convenience to a fast, emergency money possibility. Payday loans are available online most any place that you can obtain an Internet connection. A quick search through any Internet search engine, such as Google, will give you page after page of online payday loan possibilities. It is a simple fact in today’s online world that waiting for your next pay check is not necessary when you have the option of using online payday loan websites. Since payday loans are usually needed when time is limited, an online payday loan is the best way to save time to get your money fast.


There once was a time when personal information had to be faxed to online payday loan businesses. With today’s existing computer software technology, the days of faxing are over. Not only are there fewer hassles with payday loans that do not require a fax, but a faxless process is more environmentally friendly, since less paper is used. Besides, the online payday loan process is much easier than running all over town in order to find a location that allows you to use a fax machine.


If you decide to go with an online payday loan company over the Internet, make sure that the company of your choice provides you with a secure site that allows for the safe transfer of your personal information. How can you determine if a website is secure? It is very simple. Just look for an “https” instead of an “http” in the beginning of the web address located at the top of your web browser. The extra “s” stands for secure. These types of websites transfer personal information through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, or computer language, which encrypts your personal data making it much harder for hackers to steal your identity. For a list of the top 10 payday loan websites, point your web browser to


An online payday loan business will want to know your checking account number and your bank routing number, so you can be charged a finance fee, their way of getting paid, and so that they can electronically deposit your new payday loan into your bank account. A quick glance on the bottom of your checks indicates both of these numbers. The bank routing number is the leftmost nine-digit number on the bottom of any check. The number to the right of the first nine-digit number is the checking account number. Sometimes, a check number that’s the same number seen in the upper right-hand corner is at the bottom. Disregard the check number.


Getting a payday loan online can be faster than obtaining a payday loan in person at a “brick and mortar” payday loan store. Usually just a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, after an online payday loan application is approved, money is electronically transferred into your checking account. You give the online payday loaner permission to access your checking account. On your next payday, the amount of the loan, along with the online payday loaner’s finance fee, is withdrawn electronically from your checking account. As is the case with a physical payday loan store, you have the option to rollover your payday loan with an online payday loan business. And, similarly to the physical payday loan store, if you rollover your loan, you receive another finance charge through the online payday loan business.


Points to Remember About Payday Loans


A nice aspect about getting a payday loan is that usually nobody investigates your past credit record. The reason a credit history inquiry is not made from payday loan establishments is due to the fact that a payday loan is an unsecured loan. Bank loans are secured. You never have to put up collateral to get a payday loan. Collateral is a possession of value that is secured by the loaning institution so that if you fail to pay the loan, the loaner (bank) owns your piece of collateral. Payday loans put a higher emphasis on whether you have a full-time job to determine your eligibility for the loan. Past credit history is of no consequence to a payday loan business.


The amount of money that you can receive from a payday loan business is usually based upon a permanent percentage of your payroll. Plus, the amount that you can borrow tends to increase after you pay off any initial loan through a given payday loan store. Most payroll lenders allow for loans ranging from $100 to $300 to first-time customers.


Payroll lenders do not loan out money for free. Worldwide payday loan industry revenues amount to over $2 billion in the U.S., £242 million in the UK, over $1 billion in Australia and close to $1 billion in Canada. The cost you pay to obtain a payday loan depends on laws where you get your loan and on local competition where you live. Another factor involves the amount of the loan that you are asking to get. Generally, higher finance fees are charged for lesser amounts loaned out for shorter durations of time. You see a higher fee for $100 loaned out for a couple days, compared to a payday loan of $400 loaned out for over two weeks to 15 days.


If you go to a payday loan store in your community, the most appropriate receipt of the loan will be in the form of straight, honest-to-goodness cash. When you receive an online payday loan, you will not actually see the cash. Instead, the online payday lender transfers money electronically into your bank account. Of course, you can take it out of your bank in the form of cash.


Repayment Problems


If you cannot pay the payday loan back on time, you can always rollover the payday loan. As stated before, rolling over a payday loan costs you another finance fee. It is always best to read the fine print of each payday loan that you get and know what the policy is for repayment to the payday lender from whom you are receiving a payday loan. Read all terms and conditions involved with each specific payday loan to uncover additional costs or hidden high interest rates that might hinder the payback of your loan.


Payday loan customers need to avoid the possibility of an automatic bank withdrawal by the payday loan business that results in a negative bank account balance, which in turn gives you large overdraft charges from the bank and the payroll loan business.


Lessen Financial Stress with Payday Loans


In today’s economic times, when world economies, national purse strings and family budgets are tightened, planning for enough money to pay all of the bills can be a hard and stressful experience. Prices continue to rise, while salary increases do not seem to keep up. To top that off, if you’ve experienced some credit hardships, banking establishments want to punish you with a solid and resounding “no.”


When you experience the setback of getting a rejection on a traditional bank loan, it is easy to think that all loan opportunities are the same. And, that is where payday loans can be your financial savior. Since a payday loan is established without credit history investigations, and is solely based on the present state of your employment, you have a great opportunity for success in applying for these loan types.


Another positive attribute to put in your hat by adding payday loans into your financial possibilities is that you no longer become known as someone who fails to pay your bills. You can consolidate your bills into one location. Plus, you enjoy the peace of mind that you can get a payday loan without worrying about a perfect credit history.


Payday Loans are Easy


Instead of getting beat up by large banking institutions that require perfect credit reports and ownership of your belongings until a loan is paid off, use the ease and convenience of payday loans to give you cash when the financial wolves are baying at your door. You have a job. You make an income. You should be entitled to your money when you need it. And, with a payroll loan, you get access to your money.


List Of Survey Sites – Part 4

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Another great week had past and I will be starting this week right by giving you another great tools for your online business. I will give you my fourth installment of different legit survey program websites that you can join to earn money online. You can read my previous posts on this links – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

The sites that I am about to share with you are 100% free to join and are available to most geographical locations. Simply fill out the sign up form and that’s it, wait for your survey request to arrive in your email. Every survey payout varies so make sure that you are always checking your email to avoid missing out the best survey opportunities.

Below are my continuation list for legit survey sites online.

Survey Head
Founded in 2008 and developed by, SurveyHead is an online survey community where consumers from around the world participate in online paid surveys. Register for free and you will get $5 signing bonus instantly!

Synovate, started in 2003, is an expanding global market research company that gathers opinions on products and services for corporations worldwide. The official name of their panel is Global Opinion Panels. Members that complete online surveys are entered into sweepstakes drawings for cash, and also earn reward points which are redeemable for cash.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel
Lightspeed Consumer Panel was established year 2000 and is one of the world’s leading communication services groups. Registration is free and members can earned lightspeed points for each completed surveys. These points can be redeemed as cash and can be withdrawn through PayPal or can be converted into different selection of prizes through their online catalog.

Previously National Family Opinion, is serving online survey since 2001 and is one of the first online panel sites that is exclusive for US residents only. This programs was acquired recently by Lightspeed Consumer Panel which benefits both websites. A merger is still not yet in the horizon but it is more likely to happen in the future.

There you have it. The best strategy is to join all survey sites as possible to have better chance of research and survey requests. Survey programs can possibly give you residual income only if you focus on each of these websites. Otherwise, it is a good source of extra but substantial online income with no investments or cash out capital.

For one reason or another, you have decided you want to work from home, but (1) you are not sure what kind of business you would like to do and (2) you do not have much money for your home business start-up. Are there any home businesses that fit both criteria? Fortunately, there are. The businesses profiled in this Info Guide are ones recommended by entrepreneurial mothers, but any business idea can be started up relatively inexpensively if you plan and research.
Generally, the businesses that cost the least to start-up are service businesses as opposed to product-oriented businesses. A service business is exactly that: doing chores or tasks for individuals and/or companies who do not have the time or knowledge to carry out. Usually a minimum of equipment is needed—you are the main facilitator of this type of business. A product-oriented business most often requires the purchasing of materials and supplies as well as financing the sales and distribution of your product(s). You are responsible for creation and production—which can include mass production, one-of-a-kind, or both.

Some businesses can be conducted almost exclusively from home, while others require part or more time with your clients. If you are a mother, you may need to plan to have some type of child care coverage, especially if your children are small. Possibilities can be your spouse, a relative, a sitter who comes in your home, a drop-in child care center, work during the hours your child is in nursery or school, or taking turns with other mothers who also need time to work or do errands. You may also need a way to meet with customers—having them come to your home office or going to meet them at their homes or offices. These are important considerations that you need to deliberate before you open your doors.

Check back in a couple of days for our next topic on: Acquiring the skills and information on successful home business

List Of Survey Sites – Part 3

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Hey guys, what’s up? It is weekend once again and it’s been a great day so far to rest, relax and enjoy my time with my family. But I can’t leave you guys behind without sharing good information on how to make money online. Today’s topic will be about online survey sites. This will be the 3rd part regarding survey programs. You can browse the previous two posts in my archive last February and September of last year.

I already discussed that survey programs can earn you extra money on the internet. All you have to do is to participate to this free programs and perform specific surveys that is offered to you. It could be product reviews, interviews, opinions, financial surveys and many more.

Surveys can earn you rewards like gift checks and items. Other programs pays you straight in cash via PayPal or checks while other offers points system that is convertible to items or cash. Survey programs is one of the simplest form of earning profit online. If you are not yet into survey programs, better try it now to get more invitations from these sites. Remember that surveys are first come first serve basis because surveys comes in limited number of participants. So the more you programs you signed up, the better your chances to earn with it.

Below are my additional programs in conjuncts with my two previous posts. These are not my affiliate links and registration with these programs are totally free. You may choose what sites you prefer to join and all of these are proven legal and legitimate sites.

Spider Metrix. this programs offers points system. The more your participate, the more points you earn and the more your “spider” grows. You may also earn through referring people to the spider program. Points can be redeemed for cash and e-vouchers.

CorpScan Online. A premier Indian survey organization, CorpScan is now transcending their business internationally. Based in Delhi, India, CorpScan attends and addresses to the needs, wants and every requirements of every designed, devised and administered online surveys. CorpScan also derives their earning program through incentive points.

Planet Pulse. One of the largest online survey community which represents 20 countries worldwide. Share your opinions with Planet Pulse and earn “pulses” for every completed surveys. Pulses is the e-currency of Planet Pulse which is equivalent to cash via PayPal.

Permission Research. With over 2 million members worldwide, Permission Research is one of the best online market research program in the internet. Permission Research offers free software downloads and other benefits that no other survey programs provide.

Try this programs now and earn money by giving your valuable opinions for cash, rewards or points. This will be a great addition to your growing list of online business programs.

List of Survey Sites – Part 2

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Hey guys, welcome to my money making blog. I previously gave you some of the money making survey sites wherein you can earn money by taking surveys. I know it took some time to release the part 2 of this article. But it’s better late than never.

So to refresh your memories, let me inform you the basic FAQ in participating online surveys. Online surveys are similar to traditional offline surveys but is done via the internet. Surveys are very essential in any businesses as it depends on reviews, comments and statistics to successfully manage a company. Survey sites vary on geographical locations, occupation or age because it depends on what product or services that has to be reviewed.

You must first register to this sites to become a member and have the opportunity to make profit. It is very advisable to sign up to as many sites as you can to increase your probability to participate in surveys. Each opinion you share will earn you an extra income. Some sites are paying with rewards, gifts or points but most of them are paying cash via paypal. (more…)

List of Survey Sites – Part 1

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Hey guys, welcome to my new post. I will now talk about paid survey programs. Oh yes, I know what you are thinking, paid surveys do exist and they are all legitimate programs.

Online survey is just one of the many alternatives on how to earn online. Surveys are very important to companies and to our government. Most of them use surveys as their guidelines for their businesses. The bottom line is, companies will spend more just for your opinions.

Companies that offer paid surveys has its own limitations though. In my experience in this business, some surveys do have geological requirements. Mostly accepting only US continent audience but some are global. Most companies are usually looking for the opinions of an adult person with occupation and family. Now don’t be upset if you don’t have this qualities because as I have said, not all surveys are the same.

Online survey programs pays their members via cash, rewards points, gifts or downloadable items. You just have to choose how would you like to be paid. I listed below the most recommendable survey programs in the internet and this is just the first part. For you to have more survey requests on a regular basis, you may join all of the programs as you like. Just leave your appreciation for this informations on the comment section of this post.

Top 5 Best Money Making Ways Online

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Any online business is a good thing and one of the best investments you may venture in. With more and more people are now informed about great opportunities in the Internet, it is so fitting that you must also join the bandwagon. Financial managers say using online tactics to make money can be a great way to earn extra income.Most online marketers are making a good and steady income from today’s cyberworld.

To make money online is no joke. You also got to have the skills and knowledge to be successful. Although more online business programs are user-friendly, it does not really constitutes to a bigger, substantial and residual income. For you to have a better idea on what kind of online business to get into, I will give you my best 5 money making methods online. This is to give you a better perspectives on what business programs will most likely fit your qualifications.

Top 5 best money making methods online

1. Blogging
With an estimated 75 million bloggers and over 150 million blogs worldwide, there is no doubt that blogging is the number one business method online. Blogging is a very simple interface with topics on just about anything. The two biggest blog platforms – Blogger and WordPress, are user-friendly, manageable and free. Blogs are used as an expression, just like the traditional diary. If you don’t have a blog yet, it is not too late for you to start and and earn money from this wonderful method of online business.

How To Be A Seller In eBay

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eBay is an online store where you can buy just about anything. From electronic gadgets to books and supplements, eBay got it all. There are a lot of merchants who succeeds selling at eBay.

Online selling is another way to earn income through the internet and eBay is the only best website to do it. If you offer any kind of product, you can sell it at eBay and have good selling business.

Here are the ways on how to be a successful seller at eBay. (more…)

Making Money Online Selling

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Try Selling Some of Your Junk
Oct 7, 2010

Want to make some cash fast without getting caught in online money making scams?
We Americans have way way too much stuff. If you need some extra money for beer or just need some extra money then why don’t you try selling some of your stuff on ebay? Its relatively easy and some of your stuff might sell for a decent amount. So what should you sell?

1. Never sell large objects. They are a pain to pack up and send through the mail.

2. Sell high dollar value items like small collectibles, electronics, high end clothes, and musical instruments (if you want to ship them).

3. Sell items that have a history of selling well on eBay. To find out what is selling well, type the exact product name of the item into eBay’s search bar. Once you get a list of current items on ebay, click on the completed listings box on the left side of the screen. Search again. You can now see what other similar items have actually sold for. This should give you a good idea of the market value of your item.

I’m too lazy to sell stuff on eBay. Isn’t it a hassle?
The short answer to this is yes, it is a hassle, but luckily there is a way around this hassle. In the past few years, many eBay “trading assistants” have popped up all over the country. These “trading assistants” will sell your stuff on eBay for a cut of the profit. I recommend iSold-it as I once worked for them and know that they do a good job.

There you have it, another fine way to make your money stretch. I’m going to the bar.
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eBay made simple?

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I just found this really interesting eBay site that I would strongly suggest you check out. It’s fairly new but the concepts are all solid and from a marketing master. eBay is not slowing down, so get in on it while you can.

“So many people are trying to build a web-site and then trying desperately to get traffic to their web-site. Why not simply go to where the traffic is? Go to eBay! You don’t even need a web-site! (If you have a web-site get ready for a serious TRAFFIC BOOST). What’s the secret? It has to do with the fact that about 80,000 people sign up for every day! ”

I watched “The Man” yesterday. It’s a movie with Eugene Levy and Samuel L Jackson. It’s just about some white guy who goes to Detroit and is completely lost in the fast pace and is mixed up in a gun smuggling ring. To make a long story short I didn’t really get much out of the movie other than seeing what Levy’s character did for a living and knowing I wouldn’t want to make money doing that. He was a dental supply salesman, and travels around the US giving presentations.

What a boring and unsatisfying job. Spending time away from the family while you travel around sleeping in uncomfortable hotels, and waking up at weird hours for flights. I’ll pass on that life. If only that guy knew a bit more about the internet and could see the potential.

So I was reading today about Google. It seems like the results from last Quarter didn’t quite meet market expectations. Google earned $1.919 BILLION dollars in the last 3 month quarter. Nearly 2 billion dollars for a search engine. That is completely amazing. Google’s $1.919 billion in revenues represents an 86% increase over revenues of $1.032 billion reported in the same period of 2004. An 86% increase is massive! And most of the companies who were advertising with Google saw the same sort of increase in their business.

Imagine taking what you make today and in a short 12 months nearly DOUBLING it. Well you can too. It just takes a good idea and a bit of investment just like any other business. Working from home is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself. Changing your life around and making every dollar work for YOU!

You can take advantage of Google’s profits too. Just become a part of their cash making programs! I have a small piece of my business in Google as well, running some products through adwords and then posting adsense on websites like this one. My profits are very healthy and require little work. Most of my traffic comes from Google to begin with, so in fact I am making money from them and getting my traffic from them. What a system.

I mentioned this 3 months ago but you need to act on it NOW. Get on Google, get a piece of the action now before it is saturated. There is still time for you to break into the market! It’s fast, it’s easy and it is proven to work by one of the best online marketers I have ever known: Chris Carpenter!

Make Money Update

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It’s been weeks since I have written last and I feel guilty! I have been taking a well deserved break from the internet and from my business to spend time with my family. Things have been really great lately and I wanted to take a step back and relax. We spent some time out on the lake with the boat and did some camping. The weather has been really great so I can’t complain. We BBQed a lot and managed to get a lot of good bonding time in before the kids went back to school.

Those are the moments I live for, seeing the kids having a blast and not having a worry in the world. This is all possible thanks to the online business I have created for myself. The recurring revenue that comes in just gets bigger and bigger. My partners and associates continue to make money, and so do I. It’s the brilliant thing about online money making is that the potential is unlimited. I can work as much or as little as I want and my earning potential is only limited by what I put into my business.

Thank you to my readers who have made my online businesses a huge success. Without you making money, I wouldn’t either.

Work from Home Reviews

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I am now looking for suggestions on new programs to review. If you have been looking at a program and have some skeptisism let me remove it for for. Submit to me your make money from home sites you think might work and I will test them and post the results here so everyone can see. It’s that easy!

Make Cash from Home Online

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I was reading all over the news today about Richard Branson (the British Entrepreneur) and how he is investing massive amounts of money into a New Mexico space launch facility. That also got me remembering that Branson (the owner of Virgin, and a billionaire) started his company out of his garage. All he did was think of a few unique ideas and work hard at his dreams, and now he is one of the richest people in the world. He owns a cell phone company, airline, space flight company, record label and more.

He’s one of those guys you have to give credit to, because he has taken risks his whole life. Some have paid off, some have not. But he was never afraid to go with his gut and try something new. That is why he is successful, that is why I am successful, and that is why you will probably leave this site.

Risk is part of the game, and if you can’t try something new – you’ll never achieve anything.

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