I was reading all over the news today about Richard Branson (the British Entrepreneur) and how he is investing massive amounts of money into a New Mexico space launch facility. That also got me remembering that Branson (the owner of Virgin, and a billionaire) started his company out of his garage. All he did was think of a few unique ideas and work hard at his dreams, and now he is one of the richest people in the world. He owns a cell phone company, airline, space flight company, record label and more.

He’s one of those guys you have to give credit to, because he has taken risks his whole life. Some have paid off, some have not. But he was never afraid to go with his gut and try something new. That is why he is successful, that is why I am successful, and that is why you will probably leave this site.

Risk is part of the game, and if you can’t try something new – you’ll never achieve anything.

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