Who is this Brad D. guy?

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So I have a website – big deal right? Everyone these days has a website and can be anyone they want. Yeah well I am the real deal. I have been on the net since 1994 and have been making sites since day one. I started off on Geocities making gaming websites, and then moved into hard goods. I got in on the craze of selling “penis pills” and I made a pretty penny in the process. With that money I reinvested and created a network of highly profitable online product websites. These sites make me enough money so I can sit back on my ass for months at a time and do nothing. I can go out fishing with my kids and not even think how I am going to pay for the gas. I just pay for it. I buy food out every day and never wonder if my Platinum Amex will decline. It approves every time.

I am successfull because I found the right opportunities at the right time. I took the bull by the horns and jumped on EVERY SINGLE opportunity that presented itself. With that mindset some products and ideas worked and some failed. But most worked – and that is why I am here today giving you the same advice that was given to me. Listen to what I have to say. Visit my site for updates and pay attention. I will teach you how to make money so you never have to worry about “bills” ever again. Your only worry will be what color shorts to wear to the beach today.

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