The secret code of Ebay

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I’m not the type to easily get hyped on any product. I try everything sure, but I really don’t think that EVERY idea is destined to work. That’s why a few years ago when everyone was getting in on this online auction / Ebay thing I sat back and really pondered if it was worth getting into on the ground floor.

I did get in but certainly not to the level that I wish I would have. I was focusing my efforts on other profitable ventures and I considered the eBay gig to be a part time cash cow. Something that gave me aspirin money (I already had a beer fund). I was basically just taking junk I had around the house that I really never used and sold it. I had an old saxaphone that was unusable, so I sold it as a planter. I fetched $80 for this thing. My reserve was $20.

Now with all of the people working on this system you’d think that it’s saturated and you wouldn’t be able to get in right? You’d be WRONG in a huge way. As more people begin using the system and more transactions are placed, the more demand there is for products – and buyers. The system is nowhere near full. People are making livings selling handbags, and knit scarves. It seems unbelievable but here is a prime example: I was lecturing at a college in Southern California and a girl mentioned that she went to thrift stores for her ebay stuff. She said she would buy tshirts, hats, pants – anything she could buy for under $10, and flip it around to be sold for over $30. That’s a HUGE markup. She managed to make enough in her first 3 months to buy a new Saturn. That’s not too shabby for an 18 year old kid.

I don’t pretend to know it all about ebay. I leave that to the experts and you should too. Check out this ecellent site that will give you tips and tricks on how to succeed on ebay. It is very much worth the read. I picked it up myself just so I could expand my own personal horizons. I increased my revenue by 25% for doing next to nothing different. I love the internet!!

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