List of Survey Sites – Part 1

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Hey guys, welcome to my new post. I will now talk about paid survey programs. Oh yes, I know what you are thinking, paid surveys do exist and they are all legitimate programs.

Online survey is just one of the many alternatives on how to earn online. Surveys are very important to companies and to our government. Most of them use surveys as their guidelines for their businesses. The bottom line is, companies will spend more just for your opinions.

Companies that offer paid surveys has its own limitations though. In my experience in this business, some surveys do have geological requirements. Mostly accepting only US continent audience but some are global. Most companies are usually looking for the opinions of an adult person with occupation and family. Now don’t be upset if you don’t have this qualities because as I have said, not all surveys are the same.

Online survey programs pays their members via cash, rewards points, gifts or downloadable items. You just have to choose how would you like to be paid. I listed below the most recommendable survey programs in the internet and this is just the first part. For you to have more survey requests on a regular basis, you may join all of the programs as you like. Just leave your appreciation for this informations on the comment section of this post.

Most recommendable survey sites:

Survey Savvy
American Consumer Opinion
Global Test Market
Opinion Outpost (US residents only)
My Survey
Arc Survey
Click IQ
Light Speed Panel (selected countries only)
E-Poll Surveys
Greenfield Online
Harris Poll Online
HCD Surveys (US residents only)
Mind Field Online
Hi-Epanel (selected countries only)
NPD Online Research
Opinion Central
Opinion Now
Opinion Square
Survey Spot
Global Opinion Panels

Well there you go guys. So go join them all and have the chance to participate in a survey for extra cash.

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