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Survey Cash – The Catch?

Posted on: November 15th, 2005 by Brad D.

Work from Home - Click HereI’ve received several emails lately about the survey programs on this site. Some people are questioning the legitimacy of the surveys as a way to make a living working from home. I understand completely how people would be taken back by the ease of the programs. However that is why they are on this site.

There are plenty of other programs out there that are nowhere near as safe or effective as the surveys on this site. I have gone through them and weeded them out, hence the small list that is here. I don’t want you running around joining sites that are going to somehow try to rip you off. That doesn’t work to anyones benefit. You only lose out and so do I by giving you bad advice, so I make sure everything I talk about is safe and fool-proof.

HOW can they pay for this? This is the question that stands out as one of the more important. How is it that these companies can pay us to fill out some information on a form? 15 minutes of typing to earn $75 for example? The answer is very simple. Companies like Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Nike and other big names have research budgets for online ventures. These companies allot a certain amount of dollars into companies to do research for them. In turn the companies employ folks like you to supply the information they need.

The survey companies can not survive without you as they would have no one to fill out the truthfull information. Sure they could have outsourced workers in India do it, but the companies would stop buying the information from them when they realized it was junk. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Now you understand why the surveys work. It’s simple and there is no risk, so give it a shot – it could very well allow you to free up that time you’ve wanted in your life.

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