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Using Movies for Inspiration

Posted on: February 2nd, 2006 by Brad D.

I watched “The Man” yesterday. It’s a movie with Eugene Levy and Samuel L Jackson. It’s just about some white guy who goes to Detroit and is completely lost in the fast pace and is mixed up in a gun smuggling ring. To make a long story short I didn’t really get much out of the movie other than seeing what Levy’s character did for a living and knowing I wouldn’t want to make money doing that. He was a dental supply salesman, and travels around the US giving presentations.

What a boring and unsatisfying job. Spending time away from the family while you travel around sleeping in uncomfortable hotels, and waking up at weird hours for flights. I’ll pass on that life. If only that guy knew a bit more about the internet and could see the potential.

So I was reading today about Google. It seems like the results from last Quarter didn’t quite meet market expectations. Google earned $1.919 BILLION dollars in the last 3 month quarter. Nearly 2 billion dollars for a search engine. That is completely amazing. Google’s $1.919 billion in revenues represents an 86% increase over revenues of $1.032 billion reported in the same period of 2004. An 86% increase is massive! And most of the companies who were advertising with Google saw the same sort of increase in their business.

Imagine taking what you make today and in a short 12 months nearly DOUBLING it. Well you can too. It just takes a good idea and a bit of investment just like any other business. Working from home is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself. Changing your life around and making every dollar work for YOU!

You can take advantage of Google’s profits too. Just become a part of their cash making programs! I have a small piece of my business in Google as well, running some products through adwords and then posting adsense on websites like this one. My profits are very healthy and require little work. Most of my traffic comes from Google to begin with, so in fact I am making money from them and getting my traffic from them. What a system.

I mentioned this 3 months ago but you need to act on it NOW. Get on Google, get a piece of the action now before it is saturated. There is still time for you to break into the market! It’s fast, it’s easy and it is proven to work by one of the best online marketers I have ever known: Chris Carpenter!

Money Tight around Christmas?

Posted on: November 23rd, 2005 by Brad D.

Money for the Holidays - Click Here Money around the holidays is one of those things that we have a very hard time with. Plenty of people around the world would love to have more around this time, to give to friends, family, coworkers and even donate to very good causes like the Salvation Army, Save the Children and more. I obviously am not that tight around the holidays anymore, but I do remember what it was like and I don’t want you to go through this anymore.

Did you know there is only 32 days until Christmas day? That leaves 31 shopping days. That means you only have 21 days of online work to do before your online payday. You have 3 weeks to get involved NOW so that you can make sure that you don’t have one of those grim holidays that is oh so cliche of your past holidays. Don’t let this be another mediocre gift giving season – go crazy on something you, your loved ones, or a friend really wants or needs.

Here are the solutions that will PAY OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS so STOP thinking and start making money:

If you’re still thinking – then maybe this isn’t for you. If you REALLY want that extra cash then follow the above sites to total success. I guarantee you will make some extra money for the holidays.

The Google Cash Empire

Posted on: November 16th, 2005 by Brad D.

If you’re new to the world then you’re probably just hearing about Google, the internet search engine. I’ve been online for years. The first search engine I ever used was Yahoo!. Then I switched over to Altavista because it had much more relevant results. Google was just coming out. People would send each other emails saying “Hey check out this new site, man. You can find whatever you need online with it!” It didn’t take long before the word of mouth got massive.

Over the last few years Google has enjoyed unprecidented successes. I want to jump right ahead to the IPO however. The Google stock opened up for trading at $85 in mid 2004. Some people thought this was way too high. Many search engine analysts said it would never be able to hold ground over $100. Just over a year later as of today Google is trading at: $398.15. That’s quite the success.

So wait, why do these numbers even matter to you? Because with all of the money invested in Google and money floating around in the company – NOW is the time to get involved and get a piece of that pie! Maybe you didn’t buy stock, but you can still get in on the action before it is too late. If you liked what you have read so far, you need to continue.

Google Cash is an online program that pays you to write those little advertisements you see on the right hand side on Google searches. These little ads are called “Adwords” and are used by companies to sell you products. This neat website has found a way for you to write Adwords for money. I gave it a try because I like to test these things before I give them out to you, and I have to say it is a solid little program. There are plenty of opportunities for you to make a buck. Not just two or three days a week – you could honestly make a living at this if you were motivated and had a reason to be home.

Chris Carpenter is a very well known guy in “our” little community. By “our” community I mean by the internet entrepreneur community. Chris has managed to take a simple idea and explode it to make himself a millionaire. I honestly didn’t think it would work, I actually shrugged him off for awhile. That is until he basically pushed me into the site and had me try it out. I have to tell you I wish I had given him more credit from day one.

Google Cash is the most surefire way to get in on the Google blowup. I suggest at the very least just looking at his website. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, come on back and try something else. But I think you will be very happy with the results that he can produce for you.

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