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List Of Survey Sites – Part 4

Posted on: May 15th, 2012 by Brad D.

Another great week had past and I will be starting this week right by giving you another great tools for your online business. I will give you my fourth installment of different legit survey program websites that you can join to earn money online. You can read my previous posts on this links – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

The sites that I am about to share with you are 100% free to join and are available to most geographical locations. Simply fill out the sign up form and that’s it, wait for your survey request to arrive in your email. Every survey payout varies so make sure that you are always checking your email to avoid missing out the best survey opportunities.

Below are my continuation list for legit survey sites online.

Survey Head
Founded in 2008 and developed by, SurveyHead is an online survey community where consumers from around the world participate in online paid surveys. Register for free and you will get $5 signing bonus instantly!

Synovate, started in 2003, is an expanding global market research company that gathers opinions on products and services for corporations worldwide. The official name of their panel is Global Opinion Panels. Members that complete online surveys are entered into sweepstakes drawings for cash, and also earn reward points which are redeemable for cash.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel
Lightspeed Consumer Panel was established year 2000 and is one of the world’s leading communication services groups. Registration is free and members can earned lightspeed points for each completed surveys. These points can be redeemed as cash and can be withdrawn through PayPal or can be converted into different selection of prizes through their online catalog.

Previously National Family Opinion, is serving online survey since 2001 and is one of the first online panel sites that is exclusive for US residents only. This programs was acquired recently by Lightspeed Consumer Panel which benefits both websites. A merger is still not yet in the horizon but it is more likely to happen in the future.

There you have it. The best strategy is to join all survey sites as possible to have better chance of research and survey requests. Survey programs can possibly give you residual income only if you focus on each of these websites. Otherwise, it is a good source of extra but substantial online income with no investments or cash out capital.

List Of Survey Sites – Part 3

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by Brad D.

Hey guys, what’s up? It is weekend once again and it’s been a great day so far to rest, relax and enjoy my time with my family. But I can’t leave you guys behind without sharing good information on how to make money online. Today’s topic will be about online survey sites. This will be the 3rd part regarding survey programs. You can browse the previous two posts in my archive last February and September of last year.

I already discussed that survey programs can earn you extra money on the internet. All you have to do is to participate to this free programs and perform specific surveys that is offered to you. It could be product reviews, interviews, opinions, financial surveys and many more.

Surveys can earn you rewards like gift checks and items. Other programs pays you straight in cash via PayPal or checks while other offers points system that is convertible to items or cash. Survey programs is one of the simplest form of earning profit online. If you are not yet into survey programs, better try it now to get more invitations from these sites. Remember that surveys are first come first serve basis because surveys comes in limited number of participants. So the more you programs you signed up, the better your chances to earn with it.

Below are my additional programs in conjuncts with my two previous posts. These are not my affiliate links and registration with these programs are totally free. You may choose what sites you prefer to join and all of these are proven legal and legitimate sites.

Spider Metrix. this programs offers points system. The more your participate, the more points you earn and the more your “spider” grows. You may also earn through referring people to the spider program. Points can be redeemed for cash and e-vouchers.

CorpScan Online. A premier Indian survey organization, CorpScan is now transcending their business internationally. Based in Delhi, India, CorpScan attends and addresses to the needs, wants and every requirements of every designed, devised and administered online surveys. CorpScan also derives their earning program through incentive points.

Planet Pulse. One of the largest online survey community which represents 20 countries worldwide. Share your opinions with Planet Pulse and earn “pulses” for every completed surveys. Pulses is the e-currency of Planet Pulse which is equivalent to cash via PayPal.

Permission Research. With over 2 million members worldwide, Permission Research is one of the best online market research program in the internet. Permission Research offers free software downloads and other benefits that no other survey programs provide.

Try this programs now and earn money by giving your valuable opinions for cash, rewards or points. This will be a great addition to your growing list of online business programs.

List of Survey Sites – Part 2

Posted on: April 8th, 2012 by Brad D.

Hey guys, welcome to my money making blog. I previously gave you some of the money making survey sites wherein you can earn money by taking surveys. I know it took some time to release the part 2 of this article. But it’s better late than never.

So to refresh your memories, let me inform you the basic FAQ in participating online surveys. Online surveys are similar to traditional offline surveys but is done via the internet. Surveys are very essential in any businesses as it depends on reviews, comments and statistics to successfully manage a company. Survey sites vary on geographical locations, occupation or age because it depends on what product or services that has to be reviewed.

You must first register to this sites to become a member and have the opportunity to make profit. It is very advisable to sign up to as many sites as you can to increase your probability to participate in surveys. Each opinion you share will earn you an extra income. Some sites are paying with rewards, gifts or points but most of them are paying cash via paypal. (more…)

List of Survey Sites – Part 1

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by Brad D.

Hey guys, welcome to my new post. I will now talk about paid survey programs. Oh yes, I know what you are thinking, paid surveys do exist and they are all legitimate programs.

Online survey is just one of the many alternatives on how to earn online. Surveys are very important to companies and to our government. Most of them use surveys as their guidelines for their businesses. The bottom line is, companies will spend more just for your opinions.

Companies that offer paid surveys has its own limitations though. In my experience in this business, some surveys do have geological requirements. Mostly accepting only US continent audience but some are global. Most companies are usually looking for the opinions of an adult person with occupation and family. Now don’t be upset if you don’t have this qualities because as I have said, not all surveys are the same.

Online survey programs pays their members via cash, rewards points, gifts or downloadable items. You just have to choose how would you like to be paid. I listed below the most recommendable survey programs in the internet and this is just the first part. For you to have more survey requests on a regular basis, you may join all of the programs as you like. Just leave your appreciation for this informations on the comment section of this post.

Making Money Online Selling

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Brad D.

Try Selling Some of Your Junk
Oct 7, 2010

Want to make some cash fast without getting caught in online money making scams?
We Americans have way way too much stuff. If you need some extra money for beer or just need some extra money then why don’t you try selling some of your stuff on ebay? Its relatively easy and some of your stuff might sell for a decent amount. So what should you sell?

1. Never sell large objects. They are a pain to pack up and send through the mail.

2. Sell high dollar value items like small collectibles, electronics, high end clothes, and musical instruments (if you want to ship them).

3. Sell items that have a history of selling well on eBay. To find out what is selling well, type the exact product name of the item into eBay’s search bar. Once you get a list of current items on ebay, click on the completed listings box on the left side of the screen. Search again. You can now see what other similar items have actually sold for. This should give you a good idea of the market value of your item.

I’m too lazy to sell stuff on eBay. Isn’t it a hassle?
The short answer to this is yes, it is a hassle, but luckily there is a way around this hassle. In the past few years, many eBay “trading assistants” have popped up all over the country. These “trading assistants” will sell your stuff on eBay for a cut of the profit. I recommend iSold-it as I once worked for them and know that they do a good job.

There you have it, another fine way to make your money stretch. I’m going to the bar.
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Make Money Online – Free Surveys

Posted on: November 28th, 2005 by Brad D.

All of the survey programs up until today have required a fee to join. That is because in order to maintain the databases online, the companies must have some revenue coming in to offset the service that they are offering you. Many visitors have told me that they do not want to pay a fee to enter a survey site, which is why I have gone ahead and found a make money online survey company that will offer you free access to their database. That’s right – put those credit cards away, you’re going to get free access to a top survey program.

This survey program offers the most recent and top paying programs to make money with. There are no catches, there are no set backs, there are no payment holdups. This program is the real deal and will launch you into a realm of work from home you never thought possible.

There’s not much else to say. This site is 100% free so join now and take advantage of it while the offer lasts. Don’t get stuck without money for the holidays. The holiday season should be one where you make lots of money. Make money with this program and stop worrying.

Money Tight around Christmas?

Posted on: November 23rd, 2005 by Brad D.

Money for the Holidays - Click Here Money around the holidays is one of those things that we have a very hard time with. Plenty of people around the world would love to have more around this time, to give to friends, family, coworkers and even donate to very good causes like the Salvation Army, Save the Children and more. I obviously am not that tight around the holidays anymore, but I do remember what it was like and I don’t want you to go through this anymore.

Did you know there is only 32 days until Christmas day? That leaves 31 shopping days. That means you only have 21 days of online work to do before your online payday. You have 3 weeks to get involved NOW so that you can make sure that you don’t have one of those grim holidays that is oh so cliche of your past holidays. Don’t let this be another mediocre gift giving season – go crazy on something you, your loved ones, or a friend really wants or needs.

Here are the solutions that will PAY OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS so STOP thinking and start making money:

If you’re still thinking – then maybe this isn’t for you. If you REALLY want that extra cash then follow the above sites to total success. I guarantee you will make some extra money for the holidays.

Top Online Surveys – Voted #1!

Posted on: November 18th, 2005 by Brad D.

Make Quick Cash - Click Here Folks the verdict is in. You have voted Top Online Surveys the #1 survey site by volume. More of you have joined their program than any other survey program. Normally I don’t see this kind of reaction out of a program, but it seems like you folks have taken a liking to it. So I want to make it really clear that this is the system you should use if you want to use any Survey program. I’m getting hyped at the results that you people are generating for yourselfs! I have received some fantastic testimonials so far!

Brad! Thank you for the suggestion on Top Online Surveys. Their site hs a huge database of surveys to fill out. I had no problem finding phone and online polls to fill out. I have been at it for 8 days now and have made about $1,000. This is a welcomed bonus for the holidays!!
Martin Blain, UK

I appreciate the help you’ve given me in picking my life back up again. Until Top Online Surveys I was certain I’d have to go on unemployment insurance. Thankfully I have been able to generate some income for myself and my family and I am back on track. I am getting my wife involved so we can double our income! Thanks for turning my holiday season around.
Chris Masterson, KS

I am glad I could help out. All I did was make the suggestion – you’re the ones who have gone ahead and made the life change. These programs really do work and you can be a part of it too. Earn some cash for Christmas, your family, a new car or just for fun. That’s your decision what to do with the money.

Survey Cash – The Catch?

Posted on: November 15th, 2005 by Brad D.

Work from Home - Click HereI’ve received several emails lately about the survey programs on this site. Some people are questioning the legitimacy of the surveys as a way to make a living working from home. I understand completely how people would be taken back by the ease of the programs. However that is why they are on this site.

There are plenty of other programs out there that are nowhere near as safe or effective as the surveys on this site. I have gone through them and weeded them out, hence the small list that is here. I don’t want you running around joining sites that are going to somehow try to rip you off. That doesn’t work to anyones benefit. You only lose out and so do I by giving you bad advice, so I make sure everything I talk about is safe and fool-proof.

HOW can they pay for this? This is the question that stands out as one of the more important. How is it that these companies can pay us to fill out some information on a form? 15 minutes of typing to earn $75 for example? The answer is very simple. Companies like Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Nike and other big names have research budgets for online ventures. These companies allot a certain amount of dollars into companies to do research for them. In turn the companies employ folks like you to supply the information they need.

The survey companies can not survive without you as they would have no one to fill out the truthfull information. Sure they could have outsourced workers in India do it, but the companies would stop buying the information from them when they realized it was junk. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Now you understand why the surveys work. It’s simple and there is no risk, so give it a shot – it could very well allow you to free up that time you’ve wanted in your life.

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