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Making Money Online Selling

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Brad D.

Try Selling Some of Your Junk
Oct 7, 2010

Want to make some cash fast without getting caught in online money making scams?
We Americans have way way too much stuff. If you need some extra money for beer or just need some extra money then why don’t you try selling some of your stuff on ebay? Its relatively easy and some of your stuff might sell for a decent amount. So what should you sell?

1. Never sell large objects. They are a pain to pack up and send through the mail.

2. Sell high dollar value items like small collectibles, electronics, high end clothes, and musical instruments (if you want to ship them).

3. Sell items that have a history of selling well on eBay. To find out what is selling well, type the exact product name of the item into eBay’s search bar. Once you get a list of current items on ebay, click on the completed listings box on the left side of the screen. Search again. You can now see what other similar items have actually sold for. This should give you a good idea of the market value of your item.

I’m too lazy to sell stuff on eBay. Isn’t it a hassle?
The short answer to this is yes, it is a hassle, but luckily there is a way around this hassle. In the past few years, many eBay “trading assistants” have popped up all over the country. These “trading assistants” will sell your stuff on eBay for a cut of the profit. I recommend iSold-it as I once worked for them and know that they do a good job.

There you have it, another fine way to make your money stretch. I’m going to the bar.
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